Welcome Back "Natural" To ExtraBigDicks.com

After a year away from sunny South Florida, Natural is back. The 26 yr old had to come back to the familiar: the friendly people and the warm weather. Natural is a pleasure seeker who loves to find pleasure, free himself up and connect with himself and others. The feel of his skin and the warmth of a hot body next to him drives him crazy. He loves passionate women. He loves women with full lips which separate a good kiss from a great kiss. He loves full breast and a juicy ass. Curves are meant to be appreciated in Natural’s book of sex-capades. He loves to please those exceptional few he deems worthy. He believes the pleasure she obtains from his handiwork brings him pleasure. He’s a charmer and we’re sure he gets his share of play. The full lips, amazing smile and those sexy almond eyes would stun most women long enough for him to seduce them. He is all about pleasuring and if he can’t find one to pleasure he turns all that magic on himself enjoying his own 9” cock keeping the equipment up to par. He’s charming and well spoken and incredibly sexy. One title can sum up everything he is and everything he has to offer: “a natural” 

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