This month NakedSword turn their Dream Team radar onto the gorgeous and scandalous Roman Ragazzi. Grabbing headlines when his porn star status jeopardized his position at the United Nations Israeli Consulate earlier this year, Roman has been catapulted to legendary status with only two movies under his belt! Snatched up by Raging Stallion faster than you can get your pants around your ankles, it’s impossible not to get caught up in the intrigue that surrounds this astonishingly handsome Mediterranean gentleman. 

Introducing Roman Ragazzi

Sign: Pisces
Started: 2007
Status: Active
Height: 5′ 11"
Weight: 230lbs
Size: 9", cut


What happens when you cross a classical physique with Mediterranean good looks and throw in a dose of international scandal? Apparently you stumble across a recipe for perfection in the form of unbearably hot Raging Stallion hunk Roman Ragazzi! After resigning from his job at the Israeli Consulate Office at the United Nations in New York when his involvement in gay porn came to the surface, Roman is on a roll and not looking back! It wasn’t the duplicity of Roman’s life nor the Page Six sensationalism that caused a giant ripple across America, but rather his rugged beauty and heart-stopping frame.

With brooding eyes, a permanent five o’clock shadow, sturdy thighs and a torso sent from Mount Olympus, Roman has become an instant legend in the industry with only two films under his belt! Known for bottoming thus far, it’s only a matter of time before Ragazzi turns those 9-inches on an unsuspecting co-star and when that happens, the results will no doubt cast lightning bolts of excitement through the gay porn universe!

This past March, Raging Stallion scooped up Roman Ragazzi as an exclusive (with the help of Collin O’Neal), tempting us to wonder if they’ve handed us another NakedSwordsMan on a silver platter. After all, while we’re accustomed to flavor-of-the-month guys coming in and out of our lives, we have a feeling that Roman Ragazzi might give us the lust of a lifetime.