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This popular Floridian (via South America) is a shy muscle puppy. Only 23 years old, he has the good fortune to have an adorable face and a super-hot bod. Like all guys his age, he’s full of life—and testosterone. And like all guys his age, sometimes he just has to satisfy himself. But wait …we’re getting ahead of ourselves. First run your fingers over those smooth, well-rounded butt cheeks. Make sure he licks his bicep. He likes that. Put your hands underneath his pecs. That’s right, under them. Tell him how firm and big they are.  After you make your way down his thighs, have him flex his calves. Then go back to that bubble butt. You can’t help it. Neither can he. He can’t keep it in him anymore. It’s got to shoot out, in buckets. That’s the way you do it when you’re only 23 and full of testosterone.  

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Introducing Yummi At – Where you can talk live on cam with your favorite Muscle Hunks, Pro and Amateur BodyBuilders, Muscle Men and the worlds Top Male Muscle and Fitness Models. 

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Yummi is the classic epitome of the brutal strongman, a European muscle machine who easily pushes the other guys around. Check out his hot-hot-hot wrestling scenes with Yakov on and then, if you’re lucky this man-mountain will show how hard, humpy and horny he can get. Around here, he’s called simply Superman, because this is what the comic-book hero would look like under his costume.

Yummi is the ultimate bodybuilder: 265 pounds packed into a 5-feet, 10-inch tower of power, 52-inch chest, and 22-inch bicep tapering to his 33-inch thighs. Are you ready for something this huge, this massive, this overpowering?

Now imagine trying to wrap your hands around those flexed biceps. They’re so big, you could hang off them! Go ahead, tell him how big he is. It only makes him harder. Lose yourself in the deep spaces where his pecs meet, in the crack of his molded bubble butt, in the muscle-to-muscle when he tenses his thighs together. Lose yourself in him. And then help him lose himself. Hot loads of himself.

Arcady Zadrovich

Hey, wanna wrestle? MuscleHunk discovery Arcady does. Just watch him get it on—in a thong on the mat and in the sauna afterward—with Uberto Ugo in Dynamite’s best-selling DVD “Heat.” Arcady isn’t a pretty boy; he’s built solid and close to the ground—the perfect build for putting his opponent in a half-Nelson or showing off that massive ass.

And does he ever like to spread his cheeks! Don’t let the tough-guy exterior fool you. Once he warms to you, (if he warms to you!) he’ll flash a giant smile across that big square face. He’s got plenty of personality, and he just loves to show off. Get him down to a jock and ask him to play with his ass. Go ahead, he’ll just grin, turn around and give you a private show. No limits, no borders, nothing is too crazy for this guy.

So this is what wrestlers look like when they’re out of their singlets. Solid, 100% pure beef, no filler. This is one man you’re going to love to go to the mat with.

Muscle Stud Chris Mann

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