My Hot Flatmate – Pedro  & Stefan At UKNAKEDMEN

Stefan’s new flatmate doesn’t speak any English but he’s very easy on the eye, great to have around and they get along just fine. Stefan’s loading up the machine with dirty laundry and can’t help but take a good long sniff at his hunky flatmate’s sweaty jock. The musky smell has his cock standing to attention and he’s rubbing it through his pants when in walks Pedro from his workout. Stefan can’t understand a word Pedro’s saying but he sure seems mad; he’s ranting and lunging towards him, then suddenly Stefan’s nearly choking on solid Argentinean meat as Pedro thrusts his big fat cock down his throat. Stefan’s smelling the musk again – this time from the real thing, and in between gasping for breath, he’s begging for more. And the Argentinean hasn’t finished with him… Stefan finds himself over the counter and feels Pedro’s length push into his arse, then begin to pound him mercilessly, punishing him for sniffing his jock. Pedro shoots a big load of punishment all over Stefan’s face and chest, then storms off, leaving him to think about what he’s done. That’ll teach him a lesson… 

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