Moscovite Sam Warren On

It’s been over a year since we last saw Sam Warren and what a change. Originally from Moscow, he’s been in America going to school and I think our culture is rubbing off on him. A year ago he walked into my office a very serious young man. Short black hair, nice body, handsom face. Well, in the time he’s been partying it up at school he’s undergone an amazing transformation. He’s been working out, and it really shows. I didn’t think he could get any better than our last shoot but his body is even more muscular and cut, with abs and a six pack you just want to run your tongue over. Those arms and legs have just the right shape, perfectly formed without being overly worked out. And the most notable difference is his hair. we were expecting the short, almost buzzcut, he’d had before but these days he’s going for that long and floppy look that all the ladies love. He’s a lot more laid back, workin his mojo with a sweet bashfulness and a smile that could melt butter. From the waist up Sam looks like your average smooth porn star hunk, but pan that camera down and you get a lush patch of black, curly pubes that you just want to run your fingers through. And that’s not all, it grows thickly over his ass, like a dark jungle you need to explore before reaching the treasure. We don’t know which we like best, his hot hairy ass or his gorgeous cock. Talk about a handful. And he knows how to work it.

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