Mitch and Zeph(with the cap) From Chaosmen

This is just way hot guys!!!

Mitch’s ex-girlfriend made a big stink to all his buddies about him doing gay films, so Mitch decided to lay low for about 6-months. Then he realized it was just dumb to not keep doing gigs. He’s one of the few models that Bryan hangs out with outside of shoots.

Zeph was also eager to get back in the mix. He’d been working for a couple other sites, so had been learning new things. Still wont suck dick, but will happily pound a dude with his big ole cock. He of course won’t bottom. Bryan’s workin on the cock sucking thing.

So Bryan told poor Mitch, "Welcome back! "I have a HUGE cock for you to sit on!" He was not pleased, but smirked and said "All right Bryan, let’s get it done!"

If you like vids skin on skin, this will be a treat, as both guys wanted to perform that way.

This IS a smokin hot video, and even though there are tatts EVERYWHERE (why wont they stop? Why do these guys keep covering up that beauty… They both showed up with even MORE!) there is some amazing fucking, along with Mitch busting a nut with Zephs’ enormous cock in him! This is as good as it gets!!! Enjoy.

We lov ya Mitch and Zeph and that’s a fact and a wrap