Military Brat Pierce New Stud At

Pierce is the son of a military man and a freshman in a Southern college. Raised an army brat, Pierce has a tough demeanor and acts on it, as seen by the healing scabs on his knuckles from a fight a few nights prior. Watch Pierce caress his smooth body while laying back on the cabana by the pool, his hard abs highlighted by the afternoon sun. Pierce works himself up so much that he stands up and shoots a huge load, 9 squirts total, onto the brick floor! After a steamy shower Pierce heads to the bed and goes at it again, soft smooth ass fucking the sheets, until he blows another load.

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  Life Over At The Fratpad Is Good!

Skylar Says Goodbye And Hello Fratpad!

This is a Gay Cam House Like You Have Never Seen Before!! 

Here we see beautiful Skylar saying goodbye to Diego as he joins Fratpad. Skylar has been a member favorite on Fratmen.TV so it was an easy decision to get him over on to Fratpad.  The guys at Fratpad were happy also!! 

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WorkOut Time At

How about some random dirtyness with the guys finding new ways to keep themselves busy and getting each other naked and calling it working out hehe.  Makes ya want to hit that gym.  How about the next best thing!!

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