Meet John Desmond On

John Desmond has the All-American jock look that would make anyone look twice as he passed them by. At 6’1”, his defined frame is kept in shape by his love of outdoor sports. He’s a long distance runner; often doing pack runs carrying 40-50 pounds for 8 or 9 miles. Kayaking and rock climbing keep his upper body in peak shape. John lost his cherry at the tender age of 13 in Catholic school with a classmate when a game of ‘Show and Tell’ led to much more. As exciting as that must’ve been for a 7th grader, it pales in comparison to other experiences in his repertoire. He’s even had sex on the “Zipper” at the fair. His then girlfriend thought it would be hot to try it, and on a minute and a half ride—they did! “I don’t remember where—it could’ve been upside down—but I know I came!” he boasts. A minute and a half? Hardly braggin’ rights, but there’s something to be said for spontaneous sex. His ultimate fantasy would be fucking a college professor after being held after class. Anyone see a pattern here? Between goes, John takes care of his cock about three times a week depending on how much pussy he gets. Well, we already know how he keeps that bod in shape, so today he’s gonna give us a peek at how he keeps his 8” baby-maker primed and ready for anything—anywhere!  Give it me!  Enjoy.

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