Introducing ChaosMan Zeph

Zeph is 22 yrs old. Some of you met Zeph a couple weeks ago in the Edge video. Zeph is a hot military guy, and you will note not only does he have a large number of tatts (how could you miss ’em) but has a pretty big scar across his mid section.

The interesting thing is Bryan actually debated working with Zeph. Tatts are a hard sell, and the scar is pretty good. But he got that scar when a bomb blew up on him in Iraq, and it bothers Bryan that we dont actually get to see the damage to our men and women fighting in that war.

So without trying to make too much of a political stand through porn, Bryan thought it was important to not only show what’s happening to our guys and gals, but to continue to support them by tossing work their way.

That being said, Zeph is totally adorable. we love his face. He goes from angelic to sly in seconds, and he’s got that impish quality that you know means he is up to no good. And that stick of his screams "porn cock", which matches his sexy attitude that announces, "lets fuck now!" like no other.

He also likes to talk dirty and loved egging me on the whole time. Now you know why I wanted to Edge with him!

We love you Zeph and we are so glad you’re HOME!