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Cooper is a HOT straight boy with a few surprises! First of all, he really knows how to show off his big fat dick, but when asked if he’d ever done anything with a guy, he says that he just recently started experimenting with a friend a week ago! They got drunk, and did a little 69, but he promises to bring his friend over and loose his virginity on camera for us! Cooper is from Boston as the lead singer in a band! Cooper has such beautiful eyes, and a very captivated fun smile. He really enjoys himself! This was the first time that Cooper ever tried lube and he was so into it, it was HOT. The FleshJack was another first for him, and he LOVED it! He said, "Who needs a girlfriend"! This solo is a 25 minute, HOT jack-off session, but Cooper has such an innocents about him, they didn’t want to leave anything out. Absolutely worthy of being the 200th exclusive video on Buzz West!  Enjoy. 

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