Marc and Ulises At Collin O’ Neal

We love it when a hot guy that other companies have been after, but have not been able to get; enter Marc. A friend of Collin’s in Spain connected me with Marc, but as he only speaks a little bit of English Collin had to kick in his Spanish speaking skills with this sexy young guy. Not only that, Collin had to go find him at a mall in a random suburb where he worked. After meeting him he was excited to meet Collin O’Neal in person and was actually very surprised Collin showed up at his work. He quickly got off and then dragged him home to have him try him out…hot! Anyway, Collin decided to put him with big muscular Ulises who may be a top, but loves a guy with a big dick like Marc. We are sure you will see more of Marc on this hot site.…

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