ABomb In "Lumberjacked" At ManifestMen.com  

     This ManifestMen video update is "LumberJacked" starting ABomb. This is the final explicit solo project for this competitive bodybuilder as he prepares to turn pro.   

 Height: 5’6"
Weight: 235lbs (offseason), 175 (on Season)
Arms: 20"
Waist: 34" (offseason), 30" (on season)
Quads: 28"
Calves: 18"
Chest: 52"

2002 NPC platinum classic: #1 Teen Class,
2003 NPC Atlantic States: #3 Teen Class
2005 NPC Teen Nationals: #3 Middleweights,
2005 NPC Eastern USA Championships: #1 in Teens and Overall Teen Champion
2006 NPC Collegiate Nationals Pittsburgh P.A. -#3 Middleweights
2007 NPC Metropolitans 3rd Open Middleweights
2007 NPC JR USAS 9th Middleweights

There’s no mistaking Abomb from any other lumberjack. Alone in the woods, his sleeveless shirt unbuttoned to show off his incredible muscles Abomb chops and hauls wood, his thick muscles pumping up even bigger from his labors. With the afternoon sun beating down and his muscles glistening with sweat, Abomb takes a needed break and removes takes off his off his shirt to marvel at his own ripped body, feeling his muscles and flexing. And it doesn’t stop there. Turned on by the size and feel of his body, Abomb finds another nearby clearing and sitting on a huge log turns the noun "lumberjack" into a verb. With relentless intensity that doesn"’t end until he shoots, Abomb proves that lumberjacks know how to work the wood.  Enjoy. 

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