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Where does one meet a tattooed surfer boy like Luiz Tribal? All we know is that the folks at PM met him on the MyBook or the FaceSpace or one of those social networking sites. Believing like most, that a man with a smile like this can’t possibly be real. And that if he were real, he would probably not be so easily accessible on the Internet. As you know, we’ve seen a handsome man or two and know the real deal when we see him, so after coaxing Luiz to do a private webcam with us, we saw that he was indeed the real deal after all.

And so we had to have him. He was even more handsome in person than he was online. So we didn’t hesitate to fly him from Arizona to Mexico to see how well he would play with other young muscle pups.

Paling around with Conor McNulty and his buddy Cesar gets this young muscleman all worked up.  And he pumps his fat piece to explosion!

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  Live Muscle Show Adds New Hot Muscle Stud!

 Live Muscle Show Adds New Hot Muscle Stud! is proud and happy to welcome two new muscle superstars to our incredible muscle line up! Venezuelan Bodybuilding Champion Papi Palermo will talk to you from his bed room in Venezuela. And as MuscleHunks members know: this Papi is not shy at all!! Then, there is the incomprable Mr. Colombia – Angel Cordoba.

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 Papi Palermo

 Papi Palermo is a true muscle phenomenon. Playful. Sexy. Erotic. Hard. Professional (he’s both a trainer and a competitor). He’s got a whole package. And what a package!

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