There’s no power shortage when an electrician played by muscleman Kyle Stevens finds himself “turned on” and “amped up” while working on a Manifest Men set. After spotting Vin Marco, a switch goes off in Kyle’s head and he’s inspired to flex his own body. With a determined and confident look he removes his tool belt and his t-shirt flexing his biceps and easing right into a posing routine, admiring his own physique in the process with great pride. Of course no flexing and posing is any good with his jeans and tank top on and so he removes them, continuing to so a complete and electrifying posedown while wearing briefly that barely hide anything. Explosions of thunder accentuate a flexing routine that shows off the completely powerful musculature of Kyle Stevens. And because this is the ManifestMen studio Kyle gets naked .Massive legs, steel hard ass, a flat waist, sculpted pecs, wide back and thick guns are put on display and Kyle Stevens is not shy about feeling his own body. Tracing every inch with his hands and smiling with pride Kyle Stevens is no longer an electrician—he’s a muscle god of thunder showing off strength, size and symmetry.  Enjoy!


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