Kaden And Conrad in Double Time 4 At ActiveDuty 

Kaden and Conrad have done a scene together with other guys, but never alone. This scene kicks off fast and with just a little teasing of Conrad from Dink before he leaves them alone to get down to business. Conrad wastes no time getting up close and personal with Kaden as he moves in and immediately starts kissing him. They are rubbing and feeling on each other just like that. They caress one anothers bodies and check each other out. Kaden is the first to reach in for Conrad’s cock and pull it out. Kaden wastes no time in going down for a taste of that large beautiful dick. Watching him work Conrad’s cock up from soft to hard is a hot sight. Conrad just kicks back and enjoys the help as he rubs all over Kaden’s gorgeous body. Kaden worships the thick meat like only Kaden can. Watching Kaden make love to a dick with his hot mouth is something else. He’s got Conrad at full attention in no time at all and Conrad goes down to get a taste of Kaden.

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