Justin At SeanCody.com!

Smart jocks are hot! Justin has been a football player for most of his life — he was a star quarterback in high school and played during college. Now he’s studying art and someday hopes to work in Hollywood sketching characters for animated movies.

But, if that doesn’t work out, he’s got a back-up plan: muffin shop owner! Talk about ambitious. Justin’s also got an adventurous streak. You know, the kind of guy that will try anything… twice. He’s confident in his looks, but not cocky. He’s got muscles, everywhere! Ripped up, smooth, tight body, a nice big curved cock and big round balls. And whatever he’s thinking about when he cums, it must be hot because he looks like he’s having fun!

For a guy who spends almost zero time working on his abs, he’s got an 8-pack like I’ve never seen before. I asked him what he does at the gym to keep in such great shape.

“Besides lifting weights, I jump rope about 20 minutes a day every day,” he said. So, he showed me — both at the beach and in the gym. Man, is he good!


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 Click here to see the free XXX Sean Cody Tour

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