Jonny Fucks Jr. Hardy At

It is exciting to see a straight guy willing to open himself sexually to explore different realms of pleasure. Jonny Magnum is the newest Hancock discovery who is not only hotter than hell, but he’s got a hunger for the biz that drives him to be the best. Though he’s still green around the edges, he’s a real straight guy fucking another guy for the first time. And they are capturing it on video.  In Jonny Magnum’s Toys, Mike teased Jonny’s ass with some dildos. But Mike isn’t one to tease and NOT deliver. When Mike slipped his cock into Jonny’s ass, Jonny was in such a zone that he busted a huge nut! 

Jonny’s cock is 7 inches long, with a girth of 6 inches. None of his girlfriends have ever let him fuck them in the ass. But superstud Jr. Hardy wanted to make a big splash in his return video, after taking a year off. Jr. is back in splendid form, and has never looked better. Jr. has a nice cock too, but the way he moves his ass while getting fucked would make anyone bust a load. Jr. took Jonny’s thick cock, giving Jonny a new sensation of sexual pleasure that he won’t soon forget. Enjoy!

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