Introducing 6′ 5" Super Hottie Johnny B

50 Degrees North

Blake and Jason had always wanted to do a shoot on the boat but they knew it would be difficult – the sea tends to be bumpy and in a small speedboat it’s pretty tough to film. But they decided to give it a go and asked the awesome Johnny B if he’d like to feature – and of course he said yes! Much respect to the guy when you consider a rolling sea and no porn on "hand"…

So anyway, they arranged the shoot for August Bank Holiday Monday, one of the busiest boating days of the year! But the summer was about to end and of course, this being good old Blighty, they had no idea at the time if the weather would be good or not. Thankfully it couldn’t have been more perfect and so they sped 3 miles out to avoid prying eyes 😉

Even so, they had to move three times to avoid other people who just seemed intent on sailing close by to see what they were up to! Not that Johnny minded… he was having a great time and continuity aside, this film will definitely make you feel hot!

And please, make sure you download the bonus film too… it just goes to show what a great time was had by all!

CLICK HERE To see more of Johnny B

We love ya Johnny and that’s a wrap