Morgan Black And Kyle King Jocks In Jocks

The opening shot tells you all you need to know. Two men, clad only in black jock straps, visible only from the waist down, one guy’s hand fondling the crotch of the other guy. The two jocks wearing the jocks are Morgan Black and Kyle King.  The testosterone level is off the charts as they grope each other and swirl their tongues around each other’s mouths. Their dicks are too hard and too big to be contained by slender strips of cloth. Morgan drops to his knees, says "ahh" and swallows as much of Kyle’s throbbing cock as he can.  He then gets treated to a 5-star rim job (enjoy the view of both guys’ asses during this scene!).  These hairy studs know how to 69 in style and will have your heart racing when they start to fuck.  Morgan’s bubble butt is the perfect mate for Kyle’s long cock.  The outdoors brings out the beast in both men who flip fuck and take turns spilling their seed. 


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