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 Jay Roberts has a full day ahead of him. He likes to start off with a nice hot shower to soothe his aching muscles. He’s sore from playing tennis yesterday and needs to let off some tension. It’s no coincidence that his dick is chubby when he steps into the shower. Jay always likes to stroke off just a little bit in there. But he likes to finish himself off somewhere much more secret.

Jay enjoys visiting his hidden sanctuary in the woods whenever he has time. This is where he feels closest to nature. It’s here that he jerks his large cock so fiercely that it explodes, shooting his juices into the wild. Join Jay as he gives you a candid look at his wilderness masturbation station.  Enjoy!

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 Marcus Mojor

His lying down on the carpet stroking his nicely shaved cock


Patrick Kennedy

Patrick pulls out his fat wood and gives it a good stroking!

Jake Woods

Jake takes fun outside, inside to his bedroom and his sofa!


Tristan Bull

He decides to have a nice relaxing playful session outside!


Alexy Tyler

After a balcony sex actions, Alexy strokes his dick on bed.

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