Welcome Back Jay Who Is Now Trevor To BukBuddies

Eight years later Trevor is featured in an all new BukBuddies set entitled “ShowOff.” It sounds like a line from a biographical novel; instead it’s pure reality and in this case a welcome back for a BukBuddies hottie. Those of you who are long time BukBuddies fans will immediately know that we’re talking about Jay, the 18 year old boyish blue eyed blond featured so very long ago. Well, guess what? The kid has grown up. After a 4 year stint in the Marines and lots of hard physical work, Jay returns tall (6’3 to be exact), very blond and sporting a very well defined hunky 205 pounds of solid muscle. To go with his new manly look, he decided on a new name as well. Gone are the days of Jay: welcome Trevor. CLICK HERE to see Trevor’s new video. Enjoy!

We love you Trevor and that’s a wrap