Jasper Fucks Jason At Cockyboys.com

Do blondes really have more fun? I thought I’d put this theory to the test so I put two of my newest boys, Jason & Jasper, together for some blonde on blonde anal action. The two start off SERIOUSLY making out. You’d think these boys were in love and not just making porn the way they’re lip locked. Then Jasper dives down below to work on Jason’s hard cock for a bit before pulling out his own big dick to face fuck Jason for a while. Jason laps that thing up like it’s his last meal. Jasper heads back down to work on Jason’s dick for a while but quickly decides it’s more fun to face fuck Jason some more, stopping occasionally to slap the kid in the face with his cock…not that Jason minded I’m sure. Jasper tells Jason "lay back. I’m gonna eat your ass". And eat his ass he does! He gets his tongue all the way up this kid’s ass. After Jason is nice and ready he gets on all fours so Jasper can plow that sweet ass of his…and he gets in deep! That’s not enough for Jason though. Jasper sits down on the couch so Jason can sit all the way down on his dick and bounce up and down. Jasper takes control again and flips Jason onto his back so he can fuck him missionary style. You’ve gotta see how this guy works Jason’s ass – you can actually see Jason’s eyes roll to the back of his head at one point. Jason shoots a nice thick load all over himself right before Jasper pulls the condom off and hoses Jason down with a load of his own. So do blondes have more fun? I dunno – but it was certainly fun to watch these ones fuck!

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