Jack Ward Bulgarian Soccer Stud!

At BentlyRace


When Ben first started talking to Jack Ward online he told him that he played professional soccer in Bulgaria and had the photos to prove it.  At off Ben knew he would look great in front of the camera. But what he didn't realise was just how big Jack was in fact!  Jack is straight and says he has many girlfriends back home. Ben brought out a collection of Aussiebum undies and various outfits. His build would suit the cheeky little sailor's outfit best of all.  But those undies ended up being quite a tight stretch over those massive thighs and bum. Zac had a lot of fun taking the photos of Jack posing and flexing his muscles in the sailor outfit. And then later pulling out his nice fat uncut dick and working it hard for us on the bed.

Jack confessed it was his first time getting naked in front of the camera.  We wish more soccer players would strip naked on cam. We bet they would get a whole new bunch of fans. On top of it all Jack was super nice. It took a lot of courage for him to strip and get turned on in front of another guy. Both his photos and jacking video are so worth it.  Thanks Jack!

The Tour



The Tour


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