Inroducing Jack and Scott

Sometimes, there’s just nothing like watching a total newbie getting it on (or off!) with another guy on camera.

It’s fairly safe to say that these fella’s felt some chemistry towards each other. They may have started out a little nervous, but hey, it didn’t take long for them to “plug in” to each other’s needs! Oh yes, both Jack and Scott deep-throated one another, and also paid some special attention to each other’s asses 🙂

Quickly realising that Scott’s ass was an open invitation to sexual heaven, Jack laid back and let his younger, eager friend sit firmly down on his stiff hard cock. But it’s not long until Jack’s on top, pounding that ass off his new fuck buddy who, it seems, just can’t help cumming while being properly serviced…

And hey, Jack’s own orgasm just goes to prove that older guys can shoot for the stars too! Enjoy this hot action at

We lov ya Jack and Scott and that’s a wrap