Introducing Tyler Saint At

Name: Tyler Saint
Age: 43
Zodiac: Pisces
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 5′ 8"
Weight: 175lb
Waist: 32"
Chest: 46"
Shoe Size: 9
Cock: 8 1/2" Cut & Thick

It is with distinct honor that we introduce PerfectGuyz Tyler Saint. Tyler Saint is a recognized performer of the adult cinema. He brings with him the class and distinction that is only found among the highly regarded leading men of Adult stardom. Without question he is a remarkable physical specimen – a completely proportional torso, chiseled abs, massive pecs, powerful biceps, a muscular ass and pronounced quads – culminating to the famed, signature 8 ½ “ cock, perfect in length and girth. Stemming from his physical beauty, Tyler has unforgettable presence. Like a celebrity, he’s someone that is noticed when he walks into a room. We had arranged to meet him in the lobby of a local hotel before going to our studio for the shoot. Through the glass lobby doors we saw him sauntering toward us – with a walk that was both cool and confident. As he approached, heads turned – from the bellman that held the door open to the front desk clerk – everyone took notice. I exclaimed to our photographer who was standing with me, “He’s stunning”! Indeed, Tyler Saint arrived and standing before us, was more gorgeous than ever. In our time with him we captured a few choice private moments. We discovered that he is a centered, private person who prefers a quiet evening at home with his partner over the dazzling club scene. He is also quite disciplined in his diet, but on occasion enjoys barbeque as a favorite indulgence. Be sure to watch the interview for an up close and personal view into Tyler Saint. What we can say is that Tyler Saint is a staunch professional who knows how to deliver on camera. And, Wow – does he deliver! Enjoy Tyler Saint in this special PerfectGuyz presentation.

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