Introducing PerfectGuyz Tyler.

Tyler is a beautiful fair skinned blue-eyed natural blonde. He’s simply delectable! At 6’1”, lean, athletic, and smooth with the exception of a tantalizing blonde treasure trail leading to – of course , a tuft of blonde pubic hair. PerfectGuyz Tyler is also very straight – in most all ways. He’s disciplined, introspective, with a truly sweet personality. With Tyler – what you see is what you get – there’s absolutely no pretence to this gorgeous stud. Sexually – he’s not a virgin, but certainly inexperienced. It shows through in his slightly nervous, subtly innocent smiles. Watching Tyler pleasure his body in his first time in front of a camera…is a tacit step back in time…to when we were all young and…so very innocent. Enjoy Tyler in his premiere PerfectGuyz presentation.

We love Tyler and that’s a wrap