Introducing Tito Ortiz New At

Ever dream of a big friggin’ muscle man of your own, to play with whenever you please? Big muscles, coming at you on the beach….in your living room….in the bedroom. Waiting for you to stroke and punch and rub yourself against them? A muscleman just there for you to WORSHIP? Check out Tito Ortiz – NOW WITH 14 ALL-NEW VIDEO CLIPS ADDED! Tito is a huge, hung muscleman.  He has 14 new video clips.  If you love raw, huge, naked well hung muscle you will love Tito and!


Click here to take the XXX tour


Click here to take the XXX tour




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Dynamite Studios Mega Muscle Update


     Dobri Timaru                  Rico Elbaz              Amerigo Jackson


          Anton Buttone                        Joos Groen                   

Dynamite Studios is proud to announce the next wave of Big Time Mega Muscle Men – only here, at! Come on and see the new roster of muscle superstars – and a few of your old favorites too!

Our summer line up includes new additions – including Rico Elbaz, (Star of MuscleHunks "BEHIND THE GIANT ZIPPER" – part 2 coming soon!) , Anton Buttone, Joos Groen, Dobri Timaru, Amerigo Jackson, Alex Descha, Lorenzo Kaiden, Ezequiel Martinez, Ted Durbin, Carlos Vespucci, – as well as some of your old favorites – including Eduardo Correa, Cody Miller, Lex Attila, Frank Defeo, Troy Hammer, and the infamous Rodney St. Cloud.

More than 50 muscle megastuds – all hot – all live, and always online!

Visit – all muscle, all the time!

CYBER MUSCLE! The men you’ve read about on the chatboards and in the blogs and seen in their online video clips – the men you just know for a fact are the best, top dollar freaky muscle sex body workers around! Here they are, gathered for the first time in a single video, showing off their manly virtues, and leaving no doubt as to what they have to offer!

Here’s intimidating, demanding, arrogant competitive bodybuilder Peter Latz, who catches a pipsqueak spying on him, and proceeds to show him just what exactly a bodybuilder is made of…..Rico Romano, in a torn copy t-shirt revealing his huge biceps, bending over to show butt and providing not one, but two explicit scenes ….manifestly hot muscleman Vin Marco, providing his own special brand of what he calls ‘The Cowboy Special’….and tall, dark, huge, free and easy, dirty-talking Mario Borelli – who may have the biggest cock west of the Rockies – and is only too happy to feed it to you! 

Henry Ducaine

That Mediterranean villa was hopping last month when Henry Ducaine flew in from his last private gig to spend a little time relaxing in the lavish, private surroundings.. there’s nothing like playing with your large, unruly tool in an Adirondack chair overlooking the Mediterranean Sea … 

See Him at

Adelio Senna

Hairy muscle fireplug Adelio Senna has come back to play, and this time he’s next door neighbor to Mauricio Pimento, who based some of his fantasies on our aloof-seeming bodybuilder / shortstop. Not quite all of Adelio is so short – after all…you know what they say about hairy men with big feet.

See Him at

Lorenzo Kaiden At

Latin Muscle Pup Lorenzo Kaiden has lost all his shame – this once shy young muscle man used to be modest and shy – and then he started working on, and now he is quick to strip off his clothes, and happy to get down and dirty, anywhere and anytime.

 Get off with naked muscle now at LiveMuscleShow

 Get off with naked muscle now at LiveMuscleShow