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It doesn’t matter what your tastes are, Teo is one extremely beautiful guy.  He’s spent his teen years surounded by hot guys with ripplin muscles, and one of his buddies shook him and said "Dude, you can’t eat a cake everynight for dinner!" So he started hitting the gym hard and is still unsure about his new found physique, which we think is fantastic. Teo has an amazing smile, and a fun "go for it!" attitude. He seems totally secure in the video, but we assure you, he was worried the entire time he wasn’t gonna be liked by you all. We guess what we’re trying to say is, he wants YOU guys to think he is hot. He is eager to please you and wants to be your favorite guy on the site. Here’s betting he could be! He’s just about one of the nicest sexiest guys in the world. We want to see more of you Teo! 

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