Introducing "Skills" From XtraBigDicks

While still a teenager, Skills was already jacking off twice a day. By the time he got a driver’s license, he had already learned he liked vintage models after his first two sexual experiences were with “30 something” ladies who took one look at the size of his bulge and decided that they had to have it. As for exactly when his cock got to be all nine plus inches of jaw-breaking, thick, dark chocolate, we can only assume he was born hung and reached the humongous stage not soon after. He gets rid of his shirt almost immediately and shows off his lean chest with the scattered dark swirls of hair. Skills tells us he has been dying for the chance to show off his big dick. He wastes no time giving the colossal cock the air time something this big deserves. Enjoy!

We love ya Skills .. and there’s a lot to love

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