Introducing Mikhail At

OK, now here’s a guy you won’t find in a university frat house! He did go to university for a while, but got bored with it. "I used to study accounting, but I’m not interested in it anymore, so I quit," he said. He’s from eastern Europe, with a slight accent that gives it away. So now that he’s not in school, what does he do with his new-found free time? "Fucking," he said. He disclosed that he has "two or three" girlfriends currently.

"I just fuck the shit out of them," he said. "I just let myself go and be who I am because I’m not a sweet kind of guy, you know. I’m aggressive." So if you like your sex soft and gentle, Mikhail is probably not for you!

It’s not hard to imagine him being a jack hammer in the bedroom, either. The guy is bulging with muscles and he’s very vascular!

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