Introducing Laurent Legros At PowerMen.com

A rich man’s beautiful villa overlooking the Mediterranean Sea: an easy summer job as the usually-absent master’s poolboy. 19 years old Laurent has eagerly accepted a job that gets him away from his demanding girlfriend, who wants to marry…..and much to his surprise (and interest), this rich man seems to want huge bodybuilders as his full-time guests. Lazy afternoons, after their brutal morning workouts, these handsome musclemen seem content to lie in the sun, oiling their massive physiques. Laurent is intrigued….there’s so much floating testosterone in the air he doesn’t know quite what to do about it. But something occurs to him. By the way, one thing he’s definitely noticed: these huge men are not nearly as HUGE as Laurent is…where it counts. He’s not named LeGros for nothing…bien sûr.

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