Introducing Kris Kaos At

Kris admits his first sexual experience was a game of doctor at the tender age of 5 with a girl in daycare; this chocolate-toned lover plays both sides of the field, creating “kaos” wherever he goes. At 11, he watched a Pamela Anderson/Tommy Lee video with his classmate and ended up bending the kid over. “He seemed to like it. It was fun. But, we never talked after that actually” he grins. We’re sure that many boys did like it and didn’t run away; unlike all the girls that did once he showed them his developing boner in junior high. At 5’6, Kris packs an impressive 9” that would make most think twice about going there. “Most”—not us! HELLO! Kris is a horny fuck and jacks off 3X a day. He loves sex wherever he can get it. Bathroom, Parents driveway in broad daylight with a bud or in his girlfriend’s house while her parents are home; he’s not picky and loves the excitement. “Sex is sex, ya gotta nut—So what!?” is his creed. We actually love the way he thinks. 

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