Introducing Gio At

Gio was waiting outside a local store for his friend to come out with the beer. He was in his gym shorts, tank top, sunglasses and ball cap.  M owner of ManAvenue couldn’t resist striking up a conversation with him. After he told him he owned a website, it didn’t take him long to figure out what kind. He was asking alot of questions, so M assumed he was OK with it.  After a while, he got very specific with his questions and was asking about the guys, getting their dicks hard, etc. M could tell he was getting turned on by the thought of it. When M looked down, his dick was rock hard, poking at the front of his gym shorts. It was all M could do to keep focused on the conversation and maintain his professionalism:) M gave him my card, and the rest is now history. Another episode on ManAvenue.  Enjoy. 

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