Introducing Chris At

Chris is a college sophomore. How would you describe yourself? Sean asked. Ummm… I’m a meathead, he said, laughing. What is that exactly? I dunno… jock – slash – party goer I guess, he replied. Most of his buddies are jocks and he’s on the wrestling team. Were you on the wrestling team in high school? Sean asked. Yeah, I was the captain, he replied.  Did that get you a lot of play? Hell yeah. Girls love wrestlers. Oh yeah and why not, smooth, muscular body and cute face. We bet his cock has been inside a lot of pussies. Girls like to get me drunk so they can have their way with me, he confided jokingly. Sounds like a plan to us lol. Um, do they really need to get you drunk to get you to put out? No, but it’s more fun that way! Enjoy Chris.

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