Introducing Broden At

Broden is 20 years old, a college student studying criminal justice, and a baseball player. "Chicks dig baseball players," he says. Straight guys. It always has to have something to do with chicks. "What’s your favorite position?" "Pitching," he replied. What else eh. "So you’re a pitcher, huh?" "Yup."

Well that one went right over his head. Shouldn’t have expected a straight guy to get it anyway. Broden’s  pretty smooth up top, just a light dusting of hair on his perfectly toned chest. However, his legs are very hairy and his pubic hair is completely wild.  "That’s a pretty big bush you got there," Bryan teased him. "Your legs are pretty hairy too." "Yeah, I kind of like having the hair. It keeps me warm."  Finally. A guy who is comfortable with his hirsuteness. Enjoy this hottie! 

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