Introducing Brandon James At

When Brent Diggs called Randy and said that he found his newest model RandyI was really excited. The RB guys always find the best new models. Randy didn’t know he would be so fucking sexy! Brent met Brandon while he was dancing in a club in New York. He thought the guy looked really hot so he decided to chat him up. Next thing you know he was on a plane bound for LA. The first thing you notice about Brandon James, besides his huge hulking frame, is his handsome face, featuring a pair of intense deep brown eyes. If you ran into this six foot one hunk of flesh walking down the street you may feel a bit intimidated, especially considering that two of his many tattoos feature large fists digging meat hooks deep into the sides of his chest. But for all his tough outward appearance and his thick New York accent, he’s a total teddy bear. His deep husky laugh wraps around you like a thick furry coat and his smile is so warm and inviting that you know he’s really a good guy. The only thing better than his laugh are his deep, guttural moans when he jerks his dick to full hardness. And size is not the only thing he’s got on his side. His body is all muscle, sculpted to perfection, smooth luscious skin showing off his gallery of body art. And there, swinging back and fourth under a patch of neatly trimmed pubes, is a meaty handful of delicious cock, erect and aching to be touched, teased, pulled and plunged.  Enjoy Brandon. 

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