Introducing Alain At

The guys had the camera out filming some bayside boats at a nearby park when they saw this fucking powerpack running toward them. "Fuck!!!"…was their only thought as he got closer. Surprisingly, Alain was all too eager to strike up a conversation and to show off a little. Knowing the public display of genitals and pubic hair might not be in our best interest, we head to his car so he could show off his hard dick. This cocky stud then decides to put on a show – to end all shows –

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This is one of the best videos we have ever seen on ManAvenue. There are so many horny aspects of this video, we know you will have to watch it multiple times in order to beat your meat to all parts. Posing, flexing, showing his hairy asshole, flexing with his hairy legs in the air, playing with his ass while he strokes his cock… Excuse us, we need to go rub one out.  Enjoy! 

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