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As many of you know this past weekend Fratpad had another one of its much anticipated duo and it MEASURED UP to all of the hype. Jayden and Taylor had great chemistry describing it as HOT and STEAMY would be an understatement. We have some screen-caps for you so you can see a little of what goes on in Fratpads Famous and Much Anticipated Duo’s. 

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Fratman Cole Now At 

Also at the PAD we have a new pledge……Cole. He is a favorite on Fratmen.TV and is ready to show off his ASSets, Cole should fit right in over there at the PAD.




Fratman Cole Now At

Cole is a total hunk! WOW. He’s a huge hit on the site. Members are going nuts for him. That’s very easy to see hwy eh.  It’s hard to say what’s hotter.. Cole’s hairy ass or his HUGE thick dick or the stunningly beautiful eyes. Either way, Cole is going to be joining the gang also for live shows soon and we’ll see if we can get more from him out here for you to see… He’s a really special guy.  Enjoy! 

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Images From The FratPad