Brooklyn was a little shy to start with. He has a lot of confidence in real life, but I think the cameras made him a little nervous. His interview is cute when he admits to jacking off a lot during a single day.

He’s got an interesting jack-off technique, kind of pinching at the base and squeezing blood to his head, then a fast and furious motion. I did get him to slow down a bit so we could see his cock instead of motion blur.

He also acknowledges the audience quite nicely. A natural show off. It’s a great solo, and a spectacular cum shot. This kid can really squirt! He did do an oral video the following day (airing in a week or so) and was up for more work, but then the holidays hit, and I lost track of him. He was keen on doing more interactive stuff, and may have moved on to other production companies by the time this airs, but if not, well, here is to introducing Brooklyn!


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Take the XXX tour


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