Harley & Matt In Harleys Last Fuck

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Sean met Harley two and a half years ago. He knew he was something special then, and he was right. Sean loved working with Harley and there’s a reason that he’s been one of their most popular guys. Well, several reasons, actually. Of course, he’s hot. Perfect body, big, uncut cock, handsome face, and disarming smile. He’s also charming and he has a really fun personality. He’s smart and he’s talented (and not just with his dick).

 Sean wanted to have one of his top studs give Harley one last good fucking. That’s why he picked Matt — he’s a muscle stud with a big, long dick. And a great last fuck it was! Good luck Harley!

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Harley’s Solo


Harley is a straight guy who loves Asian women. Can you believe it! He’s tall and lean, with smooth skin, blue eyes, and perfect white teeth. Plus, he’s got a HUGE uncut cock.  We loved the way Harley ejaculated in his movie. His position was such that you could see his asshole in full view and watch it pulse with each squirt!

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