Gung Ho Naked And Raw Kaden And Cash

Cash is a dark haired, black-eyed stallion with flawless olive skin and Kaden a fair-haired, bright-eyed answer to all our fantasies. These two country boys hit it off right away. Cash is in the shower alone at first and his beautiful body glistening in the water is like… well it's damn hot that's what. Kaden comes in and asks Cash if it's okay to join him. Cash invites him in and is the first to drop to his knees to begin sucking Kaden's cock. They switch up and Kaden goes down on Cash as Cash sits back on the shower bench. They ditch the shower and Kaden rests on the ledge of the tub to get his return favor. Cash is back at it like a pro in heat and it wasn’t long before Kaden said, "So, you never been fucked before huh?" Cash grins and says, "Nah." Kaden responds with, "I think today's your day" and Cash says, "Let's do it."

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