Meet Green Eyes

Green Eyes just turned thirty, is built like he is twenty and from the size of the load he shoots, he must have hormones to match. Puerto Rican-born Green Eyes has a solid body that is naturally muscled, naturally smooth and far sexier then he seemingly has any knowledge of at all. Green Eyes is that classic Latin man of few words, but since he waited three decades to come on camera, we know that the term “actions scream louder than words” is about to take on a whole new meaning. Though he has been with his girlfriend for going on five years now, he reveals his ultimate fantasy is a no-holes-barred three-way with a couple where he gets head from the man while the lady taps the other dude’s ass with a strap on. We’re thinking Mr. Green Eye’s just might be up for some exploring soon…what do you think?

We lov ya Green Eyes and that’s a wrap