Golden Gate: Season 2 Episode 1 

SOLOS: Jesse Santana, Sage Daniels
Director: Chris Ward

 For our first "solo" in Season 2 of Golden Gate, is actually a "double": Both stars of Episode one – Sage Daniels and Jesse Santana – are jerking it for you. Why not watch these studs pleasure themselves before they pleasure each other? Makes perfect sense to us.

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Island Of Lost Toys By Chris Ward


Golden Gate: Episode 2 – The Island of Lost Toys

At NakedSword

Director: Chris Ward
Models: Kennedy Carter, D.O.

Sizzlin’ Hot!

 They say that San Francisco will take you in when no one else will, but that’s little comfort to Alejandro who’s traveled twenty hours to see Adam – only to get stood up. Without Adam to pick him up, Alejandro’s lost, a stranger in a very strange land. When he stumbles across a café, and a chance meeting with Robert his luck finally takes a turn for the better.

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