Introducing Gabe and TJ (TJ is on the left side of the pole, Gabe on the right)
Many believed it would never happen, but it’s finally here! Gabe fucks another guy! And boy, does he ever fuck him! Gabe who is straight first engaged in his first ever guy/guy sexual contact with Dawson in bi and blowjob videos. The big question was what if a BJ from a guy was all Gabe would do with another man?! What if that video ended up teasing and leading everyone on? But, as we see here, it wasn’t as far as it’d go! It took a good long while to get Gabe to agree to the next step, but things finally started looking good for precisely that scenario and when it came time to take a trip up to the rural farm with a bunch of the guys, Gabe was asked to come along and give topping a try while there. Well as you can see he agreed.
So, now we get to see that big, thick dick of Gabe’s plowing another guy’s hole! We finally get to see Gabe going at it in some hardcore man-on-man action! TJ was the perfect candidate, as few guys look as hot as he does while getting fucked. Further, TJ just looks hotter and hotter every time he appears in a new video! He’s obviously been hitting the gym and has one of the tightest, most toned, perfectly-proportioned bodies on the site – a body that looks fantastic all tensed up and bent over, taking Gabe’s big dick! These guys compliment each other wonderfully, both having dark features, amazing bods and thick cocks and are proven studs.
You can tell Gabe’s a bit nervous in his video, but he’s also quite the trooper and once he gets into just how great a man’s tight ass feels wrapped around that thick dick, he’s fully into fucking away! I also think that Gabe found himself pretty astonished another man was handling that dick of his in their ass!
This is a landmark CorbinFisher classic video and a must see. Check it out guys at!  We love Gabe and TJ