Fresh Off The Vine, Scene 3 At COLT Studios!,


After a heavy downpour of rain, the vineyard air is charged with electricity. Letting it all hang out on the poolside patio, muscle-stud Brandon Bangs kicks back with his rock hard cock in hand. Micah Andrews happens to catch a glimpse of the action and offers to help his horny friend get some relief. Micah gets right to work on that long hard cock giving it some deep throat attention. Brandon moans his approval as his monster cock is well taken care of.

Brandon gives Micah a taste of his own medicine when he gulps down on a mouthful of that hot boy boner. Then Brandon takes charge, stripping his boy down and munching on that tight sweet hole. He takes that ass, first with his probing tongue and then with his massive fuck-tool. Groans fill the steamy air as Brandon drills, pounds and power-fucks Micah’s hot little ass. Micah takes a pounding in every ass splitting position Brandon puts him in, jacking his throbbing cock all the while. As his ass gets drilled Micah gushes a big load, sending Brandon over the edge. One after the other these guys pound out a deep and satisfying cum load of relief.  After the rain, all is renewed in the vineyard.

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