FratmenTV Alumni Weekend Vincent And Trent

Two of the hottest Fratmen get together for a very hot weekend.

Fratmen hunk Vincent is gorgeous from head to toe. Deep, super sexy blue eyes are the first things that stand out on this man, but it isn’t long before you find yourself soaking in the epitome of fratboy college jock masculinity. A wonderfully chiseled body jumps right out at you, starting with a chest that just won’t quit. Vincent isn’t a huge man, but the muscle he’s built up is sinewy and absolutely delicious indeed. Laid back, relaxed and more than confident to show us all that he’s got, Vincent is a dream cum true and that is the bottom line!

No matter what Vincent does in his Fratmen shoot, his cock never goes down. It’s like a piece of steel that is forever ready for action. A sword perhaps; prepared to do battle with anyone who challenges it. This would be a wonderful fight though, being blessed enough to have sex with the likes of Vincent!

 Look out folks, here cums Fratmen college football jock Trent! Besides his sensational smile and super sexy eyes, Trent is nothing short of solid, hunky muscle. We’re talking about a body made of steel, never mind stone. Thick, amazing shoulders, a chest that could stop a freight train and abs made of the most solid iron meet our gaze.

Trent has created a body ripe for a sport that is at most times, quite brutal. One look at him and you have to know it would take a bull to stop him on the field. Add a fat, mushroom headed dick that would fill up any hole willing to take it on, as well as an ass that evokes sheer, masculine power and Trent is indeed, the ultimate fratboy football jock.


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