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This week is Pledge Class 6 and includes one of Fratmen’s all-stars and feature Fratpad resident Chase. We have a great picture set that shows off his burly chest and legs and man what a cock. Check out Chase At and  Enjoy!

Join Mick & Chase In Summer Loving At FratPad!

 Mick and Chase have what can best be described as a love/hate relationship.
It’s a unique relationship that is very real on and off camera.
They’re the types who go out to the bar together just to kick back. Then come home only to get into a big competitive argument over a video game. They end up not talking each other (for about 10 minutes) and then, miraculously, make up with two big smiles before bed. Come to think of it, they usually both disappear at that point… we’re just saying…
it must be… "Summer Loving"

Check Out Chase And The Gang At The Fratpad!

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Check Out Chase And The Gang At The Fratpad!

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Over at the PAD we have a bunch of new pics of the guys having fun doing Spiderman stunts, giving and receiving ass rub downs and letting it all hang out. You gotta check out the pad, it’s the hottest live cam site going!

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