Introducing Eric from MenOver30

Dark blonde hair, close-cropped beard and 200 pounds of muscle packed onto his 5’11” frame, Eric York is your fantasy Viking come to life. Though he was married at one time, our lusty warrior learned he prefers salted beef to beer wenches and has never looked back since. The 40-year-old Eric has just a touch of an accent, a smattering of ink and confident non chalant that makes you want to curl up in his big arms and nest there for the winter. After he saw the movie 300, Eric had a wet dream; after he saw Daniel Craig in his Speedos in the new bond flick, he went home and rubbed off a load, and by the time he finished his interview after the shoot, Eric had already slipped back on his cock ring and was working his way up to another raging erection which brought things full circle: he walked in the room with his hand rubbing his cock too. Enjoy Eric!!

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We love ya Eric and that’s a wrap