Dominic Portland’s Back At

Dominic Portland is back! This thick slice of heaven has figured out that since he jacks his thick dick 3 times a day on average; he may as well come here and make some green as well. Dominic’s jumped on the wagon and is apparently going “green”! lol For those of you who haven’t met Dominic, Dominic started early at 13 by a High School girl that got him drunk and high, took him back to her place and then had her way with him. Brilliant! “It was great. I still remember it” he grins. Since he was last here a few weeks ago, he says the hottest sex he’s had was “alley sex”—wait for it…in broad daylight! He met a girl at a bar in the middle of the day and things started jiving and the next thing he knew she offered to suck his cock…


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