Derrick & Kevin Fuck Tory At

DERRICK & KEVIN FUCK TORY. Anyone up for a twink sandwich? This one is really Derrick Vinyard, Kevin Cavalli and Tory Mason fucking around at my loft, that turns into some pretty hot three-way fucking where Tory takes it from Derrick and Kevin. It’s a great chance to see the guys in a more informal setting as the guys really have fun with it while Tory’s ass takes a good workout. The scene opens with the boys stroking each other’s cocks, then moves on to three-way oral. Next Kevin and Derrick decide that Kevin will fuck Tory first, and the hardcore action begins as Kevin and Derrick take turns working Tory’s tight twink hole. If you’re into 3 ways, and just like to see a twink take it, you’ll like this one.

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